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How to Prepare for Shadow Work

How to prepare for Shadow Work?
There is more than one way to properly do Shadow work. Below, I will list some helpful tools on how I prepare for Shadow Work.
Step 1: Make sure you have your own designated Journal or Notebook dedicated to your Shadow Work practice. Step 2: Make sure you are sitting in a place that is comfortable. It is also helpful if the space is clean and tidy as it will offer fewer distractions and allow the mind to focus. Step 3: Take a few deep breaths at your own pace and pay attention to your breathing with each inhale and exhale. Try to focus on your Third Eye for this portion of the breath work. (If this is too difficult, just focus on your breathing). Doing this will clear your mind and help you stay centered during our Shadow Work practice. Step 4: You will be presented with a prompt/question. Read it without judgement. Jot down immediately your first reactions, emotions, any associations, maybe even colors or specific people and scenarios come to mind. Jot it all down as an initial reaction. Keep in mind, this is unraveling the first layer of this process. Step 5: Validate yourself for feeling this emotion. Say to your inner child, "I'm here for you and it's ok to feel this way." Step 6: Mindfully and Slowly, write down in your journal the actual prompt/question in FULL. As you are writing the prompt/question, you may find that you want to elaborate on a specific idea or maybe you found that you may have misread the prompt/question. Observe any thoughts that arise, without judgement or identification. Notice the narrative that tied into the emotion without reacting. Step 7: Invite the origin of the emotion to arise. Ask "When was the first time I felt this exact feeling? Don't force an answer. A memory will arise if it's meant to. Step 8: Write down any additional notes. Maybe if you are more of a visual artist, you want to draw a picture to help express yourself. Maybe there is a specific color you feel when you read or answer the prompt/question and you feel drawn to answer the prompt in that color using a marker. You may write things in a list format, or paragraph format. There may be an actual physical reaction, write down where you feel any tension or pressure in your body. Keep in mind, this is a personal practice and there are no "right" nor "wrong" answers. Step 9: Allow integration and insight. Be open to any insights that arise and any healing that has taken place. Be present and trust that you received exactly what you needed today. Notes: When a strong emotion arises, take a breath and relax into it. Bring your awareness to the emotion in your body, without trying to change it. See it as your inner child crying for your attention.

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When a strong emotion arises, take a breath and relax into it. Bring your awareness to the emotion in your body, without trying to change it. See it as your inner child crying for your attention


Shadow Work is never easy. Especially if you have been through trauma. If considering the shadow sides of yourself brings about pain, suffering, or fear that feel ill-equipped to handle, it's time to seek the help of a licensed professional.
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