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12 Stages of Divine Healing

Inspired by Donald M. Epstein and Nathaniel Altman's The Twelve Stages of Healing, we have created a healing activation program that is designed to align your highest self with your conscious mind through profound self-discovery, compassion, and acceptance using techniques such as structured daily prompts and corresponding affirmations to create better relationships with ourselves and others. Click here for information on Mandala's 12 Stages of Divine Healing Shadow Work Program and get started on your life's purpose today!

Published in 1994, The Twelve Stages of Healing by Donald M. Epstein and Nathaniel Altman was highly recommended to me by my chiropractor after I had experienced a minor, yet extremely painful injury. The book offers insights into the complex relationship between mind, emotions, and body, and shows us how we can use these insights to promote greater health in our bodies resulting in harmony with our relationship to ourself and others.

Donald Epstein discovered twelve basic rhythms, or stages of consciousness, shared by all humanity. Each stage of healing has a distinct "rite of passage" -- a chaotic experience or healing crisis-- that helps us to reunite with aspects of ourselves that are traumatized, alienated, forgotten, abused, shamed, or unforgiven. Each stage also has a characteristic pattern of breath, movement, and touch that can help us to reconnect with the natural, internal rhythms of our body and experience a greater sense of joy and well-being.
The Twelve Stages of Healing takes us beyond traditional books on healing as it gently guides us through the lessons of each stage on a journey toward greater wholeness, spiritual awareness, and true healing in all areas of our life.

Each stage has a rhythm of its own. No one stage is better than another. Each stage represents one of the twelve rhythms of consciousness of humanity. Be with the stage you are in. Don't resist the stage, honor it. The stage will come to completion when you've gained the information within its rhythm. Many people never fully experience most of these stages, spending their lives within the first few. Those receiving Network care consistently move through the stages much more rapidly, and sometimes all twelve stages in a few minutes. The ability to move back and forth through the stages as needed for your healing is ideal. This is more likely to occur with a nervous system freed from interferences, such as subluxations. Breath, movement, and touch are always true and are your guides through each of the Twelve Stages of Healing. Honor them, and go with your flow. Regardless of the stage you are in, breathe, move your body, and let your hands move in any way or to any place your rhythms take them. Let your peace teach your distress to heal. This is not meant as a substitute for any form of health care. Any time you feel you need help, seek out the assistance of a professional.

Shadow Work is never easy. Especially if you have been through trauma. If considering the shadow sides of yourself brings about pain, suffering, or fear that feel ill-equipped to handle, it's time to seek the help of a licensed professional.

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