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About Us

White Sand and Stone


Our mission is healing the planet and promoting spiritual wellness through offering the space that encourages authentic discovery and growth while providing the tools to unlock our highest potential as a collective. 

We start with ourselves to cultivate a light that shines outward by putting in the work to understand, accept, and love ourselves to our fullest capacity. 

The Mandala, a sacred geometric symbol, serves as a meditative tool intended to guide an individual to achieve wholeness and balance. It allows a person to receive peace through healing the mind, body, and spirit. 

Just like a Mandala, each one of us contains shapes and unique patterns that are formed specifically to our personalized journey and past experiences. These beautiful lines are a representation of our path. When we take a step back, we get to see the beautiful, intricate art that is complex and yet simple; blossoming into a beautiful collective piece as a whole. Our personal Mandala represents our distinctive path to enlightenment which varies from person to person.

The Mandala Program is designed to align your highest self with your conscious mind for a healthy relationship with all parts of yourself. 

The Three Part Program consists of: 

1. Shadow Work - Activation by Profound Healing Techniques through daily prompts and affirmations

2. Light Work - Mindfulness and Guided Meditation through Workbooks and Creative Medias

3. Manifestation - *Monthly Intentional Gatherings and Activities  

*Monthly Gatherings are creative processes that allow local artists/creators the platform to host a workshop in their specialties to embrace activities that bring intentional manifestations to fruition while having fun with the conscious community. Each Monthly Gathering is held at a different location to bring awareness to small businesses in the area and help promote within the Miami Group.

Always looking to collaborate with like-minded individuals to share, grow and create together. If you are interested in learning more, please fill out the sheet below and you will be contacted shortly.

Let’s Work Together

North Miami Beach, Florida

Tel: 847-962-5454

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