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Start Manifesting Today

Our true Self is one of pure potentiality. When we align our actions, thoughts, and intentions with the power that manifests everything in nature, we work in complete unison with the Universe in creating a life that guides our desires to come into fulfilment.

Let's start by creating your "Soul Profile". Your Soul Profile is a simple portrayal of your deeper self. Mandala offers Shadow Work Programs; a healing activation through profound self-discovery using daily prompts and affirmations to create a better relationship with yourself and others. Click here to read the Blog Post on What is Shadow Work

The purpose of creating your Soul Profile before manifesting is to get a better sense of "self" so that we can understand exactly what types of things we should manifest to achieve our life's purpose. What we inevitably manifest is the mindset needed to create a life of complete fulfillment. Click here to read the Blog Post on How to prepare for Shadow Work.

Without further ado, Let's Manifest!

1. Grounding

Sit quietly, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and bring your awareness into your heart center, in the middle of your chest. Ask, “What do I really, really want? What does my soul yearn for?” and then just listen. Your first impulse will always be from your heart which is your Higher Self talking. Be the observer and try not to judge or evaluate. Simply listen to the message from your heart.

2. Focusing

Next step is to bring your attention to the area of your life you want to change or where you want the desire to manifest. By bringing your attention to something, you are directing your attention and focusing energy in that specific area.

3. Setting

When setting an intention, it’s extremely important to make sure you are desiring what you want and not what you don’t want. For example, rather than desiring for the pain in your foot to go away and thereby focusing on the pain, desire the ability to run and jump and dance freely. Speak with positivity and possibility; the Universe is listening.
Once your intention is set, create a mantra, affirmation, or a simple phrase to give direction to the energy. Set your intention in the present tense. As if the manifestation is already fulfilled. Declare your intention as if you have received it. This will activate the energy to begin manifesting your desire.

4. Releasing

It is now time to release your desire to the Universe. This is best done at the beginning or end of your meditation practice or just before you go to sleep at night as you are most connected to your highest self at this time. However, it's suggested that you reaffirm your intentions frequently. By doing this, subconsciously we are reminding ourselves of our intentions in our daily activities that will inevitably make slight adjustments in behavior and action that will steer us in alignment with our intentions.
With your attention set, silently or out-loud, repeat the desire and then let it settle back into the silence.

5. Detaching

Now, let the Universe handle the details. If you remain attached to a specific outcome of a desire, you limit the possibilities to one outcome. To detach from the outcome implies that you have removed your ego from the way you believe something should be which in turn, opens up opportunities of manifestations that are in total alignment with your intentions beyond your cognizance. Detachment says, “This is what I think I want but, if there’s something better, please send that along instead.”

6. Practicing Patience

It’s easy to want instant gratification, especially in today's fast-paced world. But remember, in your essence -you are eternal. Nature moves in rhythms and cycles, everything has its season. By rushing things, you often end up with something of lesser value or settle for what is convenient. Trust and allow the Universe to unfold its perfect design.

7. Acceptaning

Accept that the Universe knows best and recognize that sometimes it has greater plans for you. We are all so quick to trust and have faith in the Universe when things seem to be great for us. We give credit to the Universe and praise the synchronicities. What about when things don't seem to go our way? We act and think out of fear, regret, shame or blame. Learn to carry that same energy of trusting the Universe when things don't seem to go as we had planned. Accepting the present moment allows you to see the opportunities in creating your perfect future.

8. Fulfillment

Enjoy the bounty that manifests every day. Your ultimate goal is to be able to spontaneously fulfill all your desires. This can only happen when you enter higher states of consciousness. Here you are totally in harmony with all the laws of nature. There is no longer any need for desire as everything you could possibly want is presented to you at exactly the right time and place.

Comment and let me know what tools you use in your practice.

Happy Manifesting!

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