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I restarted the shadow work program a couple of days ago. Granted, I have not gotten past Day 1 yet. This is because of everything that has been coming up for me emotionally - the trauma that has been stored in the deepest crevices of my vessel for YEARS. It's been a wild experience... My ID, Ego, and Superego appear to me now as separate voices in my head that I can identify and differentiate. This is absolutely difficult work, but I know that I am healing, and healing isn't linear. There's been a lot of emotional breakdowns, and the dissolution of many, many friendships. At times I feel like I'm losing against my shadow; she has quite literally been trying to kill me. However, I remind her that we are one and everything she is attempting to sabotage is for OUR highest good. Thank you, Amanda, for this program.…

Mar 28, 2022

Thank you so much for sharing your honest feedback about the Shadow Work program! You are not alone in the healing and growing process. It is crucial to see these "Shadow" parts of us with compassion and love, as they are still a part of us and just need a little extra attention when trying to understand. I implore you to keep going! Some days will be easier than others (and that's totally okay) Set aside 10-15 minutes a day dedicated to your Shadow Work practice and watch your relationship with yourself improve. I can't wait to hear the feedback once you have completed 💜 With Love



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