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प्रेम Prem

Hinduism has several words that translate as love, but each describes a different type of love. "Prem" in Sanskrit refers to pure, unconditional love that leads to total devotion and surrender. "Prem" (also called "prema") is an elevated form of love in which the devotee loves without selfishness and with no expectations of something in return. "Prem" is also expressed as "atma-prema" translated as unconditional love of the Self. 


Our capacity to love others will always be limited by our capacity of love we have for ourselves.
- Mark Groves

  • Rose, Vanilla, Papaya and Dragonfruit Fragrance. The rose's pungent scent intertwined with the sweetness and sugariness of Vanilla allows for a warm, gentle aroma that will bring a feeling of sensuality and seductiveness.

  • Rose Quartz chips purifies and opens the heart at all levels to promote love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing and feelings of peace.

  • Red Rose Petals carry high-frequency energy relating to love, passion and romance.

  • Single Rose Bud representing deep love directed  inward -to not just the individual self but the higher, universal Self.

प्रेम Prem: Intention Candle

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