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"Sometimes I can leave my mind and realize that I'm having anxiety or judgy moments, and when I see that I choose to stay on the same energy, I don't try to change it. And then when time passes and I'm OK i realize that emotions that feelings hurt me. They don't help me to grow, they actually make me go slow towards the things I want.

They make me do things that I don't believe because I'm not thinking clear.

So if I ask my self how could I change that, I would say that breathing , taking a moment for my self would work. I know that at first my mind wouldn't let me, I will have moments where I can not concentrate, buy if I'm consequent and I do it every time, I will get better at it.

So I promise my self, every time I'm not Ok I Will breath no matter where am I or what I'm doing. I need to take a moment for my self.

Mantra : I am light and every day I become more enlighten. I won't let my shadows or fears take me down. Every day I free myself from the chains that bind me.

Jonathan Gutierrez
Garri Shabekov


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